6 responses to “Are you listening to the voice of your customer?

  1. Sturgis Glickman

    Why are you discussing a brand who does no paid advertising? Starbucks is not or have ever been a paid advertising client. Being in the advertising business, I would think that your only thought on Starbucks should be on finding and creating a competitor for the people who are out to put you out of a job.

    • kilgannonsays

      Sturgis. Thanks for the comment and your concern for our well being. Starbucks spends a lot of money on paid advertising and marketing. And we would certainly love to work with them. In fact, here’s a 2010 article referencing their 40m marketing budget.


      I also have a friend who’s agency does advertising for them and their sub brand, Seattle’s Best.

      However, I believe Stephen was stating that the consumer’s voice should influence products, services and marketing or anywhere else the customer interacts with the brand. After all, the brand does belong to the customer.

      • Stephen


        Jimmy is right. A simple Google search will show you all of the recent print, broadcast, promotions, wild postings, social, etc. that Starbucks has been doing over the past few years. But I didn’t write about Starbucks or any of the other brands because they advertise or don’t advertise. I wrote about them because they have lost touch with their customer base.

        – Stephen

  2. Great points in this article Stephen. What always surprises me is why companies change their logos anyway. I understand you want to think about the future and how you progress for future growth, but what makes you think changing the logo achieves that goal. Companies need to focus more on strategy and providing brand awareness rather than abruptly changing logos for the sake of change. Do you know any examples of how the logo change has been successful?

  3. Thanks Yoshee! I think you hit the nail on the head. I have read a few books over the past few years that speak to brands that have successfully evolved their logos over time. The ones that come to my mind first are brands like Shell, Kodak, FedEx, Delta and Cisco.

    It can be done. You just have to go about it the right way, stay true to your brand essence, and involve your customer base.

    – Stephen

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