What will be hot in 2011?

More and more people are sharing their thoughts, receiving “up-to-the-minute” news updates, and taking advantage of deals and promotions from businesses. The idea being that if you receive it, then you can share it.

In addition to sharing thoughts, news, and promotions, people have begun to share their location by “checking in,” alerting followers to their whereabouts. Often using mobile devices to check in, these programs use GPS technology to share your location with others. Tap your device to check in when you patronize a business or arrive at a certain location, and your location is immediately shared. This type of sharing seems to be popular, as Foursquare, a location-based social networking site, logged more than 380 million check-ins, and grew 3,400% in 2010.

Mobile applications allow consumers to be in two places at once. It’s simply not enough to target your consumer in the store. In addition to the offline communication, one must penetrate the online market and connect directly with the consumer. Signage in your store to promote a new product must coincide with communication on a mobile app offering a discount. The ability to scan barcodes for that night’s ball game tickets can also be used to promote the concert that will be held at the same venue next week.

What do you think is going to be a hot trend in 2011? And, how will you break through the clutter?

— Jonathan Ginburg, Sr. Account Executive

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