Lessons Learned by an Intern

My summer here at Kilgannon as an intern has given me quite an education.  I’ve learned a lot about the advertising world, the way a business functions, communication, and what I want to do with my life.  Many of these lessons came quickly, like when my boss tried to convince me that a ‘wrap’ party involved togas (this was a lesson in e-mail sarcasm), others took time.  So, just in case you were dying to know what I found out this summer, here is a quick summary.

1- There needs to be a focus

Everything you do should have a point, and it should get there fast.

2- Keep good company

For a team to work well together the people in it need to be comfortable with each other.  Make an effort to get to know your coworkers, and meetings will be less awkward.

3- Plan for the future

Time moves fast.  Be forward thinking and plan for the changes you see coming.

4- Listen to people

Be attentive and be focused.  If you aren’t, you will miss something important.

5- Ask Questions

If you don’t know, ask!  It’s better to admit ignorance before the fact, than to apologize for it after.

6- Sugar vs. Vinegar

Sugar wins, duh.  Being nice makes everyone’s day easier – including yours.

7- Like what you do

This is the most important; if you hate your job, you won’t ever be good at it.  It would be wasteful to spend 40+ hours a week on something that makes you want to cry.

So there it is, what I learned this summer.  It is certainly not complete yet, but these are the lessons I will take with me when I start real life after I graduate next spring.  So thanks, Kilgannon, for teaching me the ropes; it really was a lot of fun.

— Lee Anne Murphy, Intern



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