Once an iPhone Junkie- always an iPhone junkie

The new Apple iPhone
Image by Victor Svensson via Flickr

Last time I posted a blog entry to our site, I shared a dark secret: I’m an iPhone junkie. Nothing has changed that fact since then (if anything, my obsession has grown), but the news and PR nightmare over the release of the new iPhone 4 certainly gave reason to examine my loyalty to this product and the Apple brand.

As the new products began to hit the doorsteps of millions across the nation, I eagerly awaited the Facebook updates, news articles, e-mails, commercials, etc., that would surely have me boiling over with excitement at the thought of my future upgrade. “Apple has done it again,” I thought, “they’ve actually outdone themselves.” But less than a week after the release, complaints with the new version hit the streets like wildfire. Poor signal strength, discoloration on the screen, the glass scratches much easier than before, defects with the rear camera, and more. It seemed Apple had released a faulty product and disappointed the masses.

Or had they? At the same time the news focused on the higher profile errors of the iPhone 4 and the damage likely to be done to the Apple brand, I also began to see efforts to rally against the bad media and defend the brand and its product. Status updates spoke of pure obsession over the new iPhone 4 and having little or no problems at all. Tweets near and far called for a reality check– these issues could happen with any cell phone! Steve Jobs gave that same check to the nation when he commented, “We’re not perfect…phones aren’t perfect.” As a brand supporter and product enthusiast, I agree with Mr. Jobs. The iPhone is not perfect, but for me, the hundreds of things this device can do right get it pretty close. Opinions like these have slowly started to pop up in articles addressing the issue, as more and more iPhone junkies like me work to have our voices heard and remain devout loyalists to Apple.

Though the issues remain, and more are certain to develop with each new product, I foresee the strength of the brand to continue growing. Apple is loved, admired, and defended endlessly by so many junkies, myself included. Though I won’t deny a dropped call every so often is frustrating, or that having an application close out on me unexpectedly is annoying, at the least, I know I’ll eventually get over it. In the end, it’s worth it to me. It says something great of a brand’s reputation when a customer can take the good with the not so good and remain more than happy with the product. And that those customers go beyond contentment to actually rise up and profess their loyalties to the brand when the going gets tough says even more.

Keep it up, Apple. Now when can I expect the iPhone 5?

— Beth Madigan, Account Executive


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