Are we there yet?

I just read today that traditional agencies are doing a pretty decent job at digital work. It was in one of the gazillions of advertising-related e-mails I receive. It was about the Old Spice campaign done by Wieden + Kennedy – a well-known traditional agency.

Why is this such a surprise? Because traditional agencies were slow to adapt to digital? Maybe, well, uhmm, actually that’s a correct statement. It has nothing to do with size of agency. I think it has more to do with vision, resources, client belief that a traditional agency can lead them to the digital promised land.

At the end of the day, it is about adapting to a world that embraces receiving messages any number of ways – more and more predominantly online or via mobile. Be where the people are. Communicate with audiences using tools they prefer to use. Knowing how target audiences interact with this technology is the key to whether a traditional agency is savvy enough to include technology as part of the message delivery system.

The article also states that traditional agencies are still behind the curve when it comes to incorporating social media into a campaign. While I won’t disagree completely, I do challenge with the fact that many clients are behind the curve, as well. I had an interesting conversation with a client who, while embracing the idea of having an ongoing conversation with his customer base, does not know who to assign their side of the conversation to.

So, I contend we’re in this together, figuring out how best to include/implement social media. I will say this: I know my firm is way ahead of the game vs. other like-sized or larger firms.

That said, I celebrate campaigns we do that embrace technology to create real client results. I believe firms like ours are continually learning and challenging our clients to make a mark on the digital landscape.

— Rena Kilgannon, Principal


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