What the hell inspires me? Actually, you can.

As a writer and creative person, inspiration is something I’m supposed to know a lot about. I shouldn’t need your help, because I’m inspired to write witty, interesting things all the time, right? Certainly I’ve got a direct line to the muse? Unfortunately, there’s no bat phone for writers.

There’s also no ironclad process for being creative that will produce a great idea every time. But creating a well-defined starting point for creatives before they go in search of that inspiration will help your advertising tremendously. This means a solid, coherent explanation of what you’re hoping to accomplish and an insightful description of whom we are talking to.

A recent campaign for Manheim is a great example of this process. We, the creative team, started with a clear understanding of what we were to accomplish, thanks to great input from the client and direction from our strategist.

The direction was augmented with insights about the people we are advertising to. This was further enhanced by field trips with the client to watch our target work. In this new Manheim campaign, it is clear to see how these insights are brought to life in the work.

So how can you make sure your next campaign is truly inspired? You need to set the stage to make it happen. Help your agency understand the problems you’re having as an organization. Don’t just tell them the result you want. But rather dig down deep and explore the true nature of the challenges you’re facing.

And, just as important, help your agency get to know your customer and the challenges he or she faces every day. Explain what makes them tick, inspires them, what their values are and their dreams. With this information in hand, the people creating your next campaign will drastically increase their chance of achieving greatness.

— Jimmy Gilmore, Senior Copywriter


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