Passion: Food for Thought

I was checking out “60 Minutes” online the other day. After enjoying the much-anticipated Conan O’Brien interview, I saw another story that caught my eye. This one was about Chef Josè Andrès. Chef Andrès is world-renowned for his avant-garde approach to cuisine and is regarded as the father of molecular gastronomy. Being a foodie, I was instantly intrigued.

From the first phrase that came out of the chef’s mouth, I could tell there was something different about him. He spoke with such respect and child-like curiosity about everything about his profession, from the simplest of ingredients to the science behind the discipline of cooking itself. I found myself completely engaged just listening to him talk about something as simple and seemingly inconsequential as a pineapple.

It wasn’t even really what he was saying, it was the way he was speaking about his craft. You could just feel his commitment to making sure people have fun with his food and, more importantly, experience food in an entirely different way. He is an innovator, an innovator whose vehicle just so happens to be food.

After watching his story, I started thinking. What is the common thread that runs through innovators of any industry? It’s quite simply passion. Passion for what you do and passion for what you make. It’s not just about making “stuff.” It’s about breaking things down to their simplest form and building them back up in new and unusual ways. And you do this, not because you have to, but because it’s a part of you and because you couldn’t picture yourself doing anything else.

Passion not only applies to four-star chefs, it applies to everyone and everything. Whether you’re a multinational corporation talking about your brand to the masses or a janitor who swells with pride over the cleanest floors in town, passion leads with a higher purpose. I dare you to not feel good after hearing someone passionately talk about what they do. It’s nearly impossible. That’s because enthusiasm is infectious. It opens the mind to rethinking things it may have thought it had all figured out.

Passion gives an invigorated point of view.

Passion drives its possessor.

And passion, ultimately, inspires its audience.

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