What did you say?

If you think your marketing message is not getting through to some people, maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s them.

As a production manager, I have noticed that the trend in recent years toward digital media is sometimes at the expense of traditional print advertising and collateral. This shift appeals to certain types of learners more than others.

Knowing how people process information is key to communicating effectively – with your family, your friends, your coworkers. In the field of education, learning styles are broken into visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic. According to Bruce D. Friedman (How to Teach Effectively) these styles overlap in an individual, but one learning style is usually predominant.

Visual learners learn through demonstrations, visually pleasing materials, and text that paints a mental picture. Think brochures, trade shows, Web banners.

Auditory learners prefer to have information explained verbally rather than reading it. Think TV, radio, podcasts.

Read-Write learners utilize primarily reading and writing to process information, especially in lists. They tend to convert diagrams and charts into words. Think e-mail, brochures, print, direct mail.

Kinesthetic learners utilize trial and error, and a hands-on approach. They respond best to demonstrations and case examples.

To communicate effectively, you have to use a variety of media to get your message across. And that includes the printed word, as well as broadcast, digital, and other interactive approaches.  If your marketing campaign or new-product launch doesn’t have something for every type of learner  —  maybe it’s not really them; maybe it’s you.

— Diane Fitzpatrick, Production manager


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