What’s your frequency, Blogger?

Writing is hard. Writing to a schedule is even harder. I know, I’m a writer. And when it comes to blogging, it’s not easy to make time to do it.  Heck, it’s hard enough to keep up with work, make time to spend a few hours with the kids, keep the yard up, and even return phone calls. Most people feel like blogging is an extra thing they do, ancillary to their job, so it’s the last thing they get to. Sorry, but that won’t cut it.

Any serious blogger will tell you there is nothing more important to maintaining a healthy blog than actually making quality posts regularly. You absolutely have to give your readers something to come back to if you want them to read your blog regularly.

You could rely on search engines to drive traffic to your blog. Well, you’ll have to have lots of content to do that.  And how else are you going to build up a healthy base of posts for search engines to aggregate than by writing frequently? Also, search engines favor sites that are updated frequently and recently.

You could also rely on social linking and bookmarking. But people like to link to stuff that is new and hot. It may be hard to understand, but folks are not going to Digg your six-month-old article on the introduction of last year’s technology. If you want other people to promote your articles, you’ll have to be an active member of the blogosphere.

Seth Godin publishes every single day. Granted, his only job is writing his blog and the books that come out of the process. But most people would agree this guy is on to something. I guarantee the one million links coming into his blog are more than you’ve got.

Of course, you could pay to have people visit your blog with AdSense. But, at that point, you may as well pay to have them come to your regular site.

It’s important to reflect– you probably wouldn’t read a newspaper or watch a TV program if it appeared on random occasions. So why would you expect a significant number of readers for your random musings?

If you’re a blogger, you must have something you want to say. So say it often, and you’ll be rewarded with more readers than you ever imagined. The blogosphere is a big place, but you’ll be surprised how noticeable you’ll become if you keep clicking Publish.

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