Big Presentations….WTF?

Have you ever been really nervous before or during a big presentation?  I mean WTF; that’s Why The Fear, to my texting buds following along.  What is it about “presenting” that causes the um… sweaty palms, um…tremors and the um…stttutttterrring?

Was your preparation substandard?  Doubtful.  If you’re a nervous presenter, you’ve likely rehearsed and know your material inside and out, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Are you afraid of being judged by the audience, who are likely your peers and/or clients?  Possibly, but remember that your peers are in your corner and have been there before, and your clients hired you for the expertise you’re about to expound.  Own it.

Maybe you’re afraid of being put on the spot without an answer, like Miss Teen South Carolina.

Or how about thinking you’re prepared, but just a little too nervous, like this best man.

Perhaps really flubbing up over and over and over, like this broadcaster.

Yikes.  Colossal blunders, don’t you think?  But guess what.  Each presenter survived to present again, so relax, and thus the moral of the blog.  You will survive.

If you were reading this for tips or tools to be a better presenter, you’re reading the wrong article.  But the next time you’re preparing for your big presentation, maybe you’ll smile, think WTF, and remember it could be worse….well, hopefully, for your sake.

— Gary Sayers, Account Director


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