Counterpoint from a Football Fan Who Is Also an Ad Guy…

I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Buffalo Bills since the age of five (no jokes, please).  I’ve been playing in multiple fantasy leagues for the past 17 years (I even played fantasy XFL for that one fateful season – no jokes, please).  I can beat pretty much anyone at Madden.  I’ve been to hundreds of games and numerous Super Bowls.  I love football.

I’ve been in the advertising industry since the day I left college.  I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living since the age of five.  I’ve worked in big agencies and small ones.  New York, and not New York.  I get a rush from solving client challenges and when a campaign succeeds.  I love advertising.

So, the Super Bowl should be the ultimate day for me.  The perfect blend of football and advertising… on the highest level.  Sadly, it isn’t.

Sure, the last two games were phenomenal.  But most aren’t that good.  In fact, the average margin of victory in the first 43 Super Bowl games was almost 15 points.

The commercials are the same way.  Most are disappointing.  Maybe one out of every 20 is a good one.  Don’t get me wrong – there have been some classic Super Bowl spots.  Everyone remembers Mean Joe Greene, 1984, Where’s The Beef, The Frogs, Monks, and the Jordan vs. Bird Showdown.  You don’t even have to say what brands these spots were for.  Everyone remembers.  But all of them ran at least 15 years ago!

Lately, the commercials have been terrible.  I can only think of four spots over the past 10 years that I truly thought were excellent spots (interestingly, all of them use one or more of the so-called keys to a memorable Super Bowl spot – humor, sex, violence, animals, or kids):

EDSHerding Cats (2000)

ReebokTerry Tate: Office Linebacker (2003)

E-TradeMoney out the Wazoo (2000) and Baby Talk (2008)

Sorry to say that I am anticipating another dud this Sunday.  For everyone’s sake, I hope I’m wrong.  The good news is that, either way, everyone will debate the highs, lows, and key plays of the game… and which ads were the best!

– Stephen Weinstein – Director of Account Management


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