Just because it’s social media, it doesn’t mean you can ignore search

When we begin assisting our clients in their social media efforts, one of the most common mistakes we find is a lack of consideration for search. Many times we even have difficulty finding their Web pages ourselves. The assumption is that because it’s social, it will live on its own without the need to worry about search. That it will go viral like a YouTube video of a kid acting silly.

Unfortunately, brands can’t count on that happening – no matter how important, funny or engaging your content is. Let’s say you are the Acme Cookie Company and you have a cookie called the Acme Wafer. It would not be uncommon to see a company set up a FaceBook or Twitter account as WaferLover.

So what’s the problem with that? There’s no reference to Acme or cookies. So when a customer searches for Acme cookies on Google, Facebook or Twitter, they won’t be able to find the page. The effort to create a fun, engaging brand experience ends up for naught.

Even worse, the product name isn’t even searchable because the name runs together.  And since the page isn’t promoted with advertising, the business is relying on sheer luck for customers to find their page. This doesn’t have to be the case. Just make sure you follow a little common sense.

Make sure your username and your information contain your brand name and/or company name. “Acme” or “Acme_Cookies” as usernames will most likely be found by search engines. Using Acme Wafers, written as two separate words, works better as the name of the page. Also, make sure your profile description or bio has relevant keyword information. That way, both your brand and your customers will have a much easier time engaging.

— Jimmy Gilmore, Senior Writer



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4 responses to “Just because it’s social media, it doesn’t mean you can ignore search

  1. This is so true, and something I have been thinking about a lot recently.
    I think people need to realize that this affects Brands’ but people as well. It’s much easier to find someone on Twitter if they use their name as the username instead of some random assortment of characters.

    • kilgannonsays

      Good point, Cole. The article was written for marketers but it certainly applies to personal branding as well. Not to mention anyone who wants their friends to be able to find them. Thanks for reading an the comment.

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  3. Your social media username is like your domain name. They both need to have relationships with your brand. Branding is everything.
    I always find it to be true KISS… keep it simple stupid. That works everytime.

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