1000 channels and we’re all on.

Recently, you may have seen a colorful chart comparing Advertising in the 1980s to Advertising in 2009. You may have had someone e-mail it to you, or linked from an Adweek article, or maybe it popped up on your TweetDeckTM from someone you follow. You may have even seen it if you poke around on Michael Lebowitz’s blog. He’s the founder of Big Spaceship, a digital shop in New York. He got it from another blogger in England. That’s the way these things spread.

I’m a big fan of Big Spaceship. I’m a movie buff, and they’ve been building very complex, very deep, integrated microsites for movies for years now. Just take a look at its microsite for the upcoming 2012, and you’ll see they’re not messing around. Now, Michael’s got a stake in making sure you know there’s a lot of “new media” out there, and he and his boys and girls in the lab are on top of it. In the vernacular of the current political atmosphere, I’m just trying to make sure we’re being transparent. And in that spirit, I’ll say that clearly one of this blog’s objectives is to say the same thing about Kilgannon.

At the end of the day, every day, there is “new media,” whether it’s color television, or tweets pushed to our phones and then bluetoothed to our sunglasses. As Dr. McLeod’s video series teaches us, there’s exponential growth out there. It’s as if someone has come along and added letters to the alphabet. The old letters aren’t going away (the oldest one even has a cool new name: “buzz marketing”), we’re just getting some new ones to play with. Here at Kilgannon, we try to incorporate our Low Flying BrandsSM model into a variety of channels, from old-school outdoor boards to social media solutions. As marketers, our language is expanding, but communicating is still our business. We need to stay fluent in the ways of old, and embrace the new, and use all the letters. We’ll need to if we hope to not only be a part of the conversation, but point it in the direction we want it to go.


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