Is Your Media Buyer a Closet Search Analyst?

Times are indeed tough. Even those of us who have been around long enough to weather a few recessions haven’t quite seen an environment quite like this one. Client dollars are shrinking, which means fewer employees are needed to handle the load. The economy has caused many companies, like ours, to close the door to new talent. Not because we don’t welcome fresh ideas and a little more help, but because, like so many other companies, we simply can’t risk hiring during uncertain times.

Despite having fewer employees on payroll these days, we don’t want to do “business as usual.” It’s not in our DNA. And, our clients, like yours, expect more. So, where do we go from here?

You have to dig deep. When we looked inside our company, we discovered untapped assets, including a search analyst working as a media buyer and a social media expert writing copy. In your organization you may find your next online manager answering calls in sales or your next data analyst fixing your laptop.

Talk to your employees. Know their backgrounds. Study their strengths. Learn their passions. And, don’t forget younger talent. Chances are good that your intern probably knows more about social media than your director of account management. Tap talent wherever you can. Don’t count anyone out!

Today’s environment requires that you develop a startup mentality again. Ask people to redefine their roles. In our case, we found real talent under our roof. We’re also finding employees who truly welcome the challenge and the opportunity.

Great companies don’t plan to just “get through the next year,” rather, they always plan for growth. And, like ours, maybe your company can also do it without spending additional dollars. Go ahead. See what talents and assets lie beneath the surface of your company.


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